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BITREK CONNECT system for advanced GPS-tracking of vehicles

By [email protected] - 23rd August 2016 - 09:54

BITREK CONNECT is a unique piece of equipment, which allows the connection of an unlimited quantity of additional sensors and equipment via the internal CONNECT BUS. BITREK CONNECT is the ideal solution for companies that needs to control a vast amount of parameters, including: agricultural, constructional, fuel and many more. The system allows step-by-step connection of additional sensors and devices via RS-232, RS-485, Bluetooth, WIFI, and CAN interfaces. The system can be upgraded at any time in future with the additional modules. An additional feature is the SMS-sharing with dispatcher and planning routes on the tablet using tracker’s SIM-card. The manufacturer offers special kits depending on the kind of transport – for tractor, combine, passenger transport, fuel truck and others. The equipment has its own software for easy configuration and open protocol for integration with any server platform for end-users. BITREK has experience in producing GPS-trackers since 2010.

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