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Banedanmark chooses Fugro’s RILA system to survey the Danish rail network

By [email protected] - 1st November 2019 - 10:45

Banedanmark has awarded Fugro a four-year framework agreement for train-borne lidar scanning of its infrastructure using their award-winning RILA system for quick and accurate digital surveys. Banedanmark manages Denmark’s public railway infrastructure and is responsible for maintenance, traffic control and development of most of the Danish railway network, covering over 3000 km of tracks. Their priority is to keep the railway efficient, safe and on time, which requires accurate data of the track and any objects in the rail corridor. Fugro’s unique RILA train-borne survey technology will be used to simultaneously acquire lidar data and imagery of the track and surrounding environment to create a highly accurate, information-rich model of Denmark’s railway infrastructure. This so-called ‘digital twin’ will enable Banedanmark to detect any objects in conflict with their railway infrastructure clearance profile and perform clearance gauge mapping, essential for the safe operation of the network.