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By [email protected] - 25th August 2015 - 10:13

AAM Wins Geospatial Solutions Company of the Year Award

AAM proudly received the âGeospatial Solutions Company of the Year - 2014â award at the recent âInspireâ - Geospatial World Forum held in Lisbon, Portugal. Mark Freeburn, Global CEO of AAM, attributed the win to the efforts of AAM staff, saying, âObviously this is an extraordinary event, one that makes me exceptionally proud to represent AAM. I would like to thank each and every one of the staff in AAM. It is your award, a true global recognition of your professionalism, your attention to achieving excellence and your hard work.â These awards recognise the achievements in the geospatial industry by both individuals and organisations for developing innovative geospatial tools and products, implementing valuable policies and applying geospatial technologies in the most resource efficient manner. AAM works on a wide range of geospatial projects worldwide and offers a wide range of geospatial services including surveying, mapping and GIS.