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ATrack’s ACT and ADM enable greater customization and easier device management

By [email protected] - 22nd June 2018 - 08:43

ATrack has observed the need on providing unique applications to manage telematics devices over their live cycles efficiently. With ACT (ATrack Configuration Tool) and ADM (ATrack Device Management Portal), businesses are able to customize the devices with simple clicks and to update them without time consuming processes. This enables businesses to reduce cost, better utilize resources, and increase operational efficiency. ACT is a user-friendly system for assisting users to conduct easy configuration without the complexity of AT commands. Users are able to conduct fundamental settings including position report format, and to set specific conditions to their needs. ADM is a centralized device management tool helping users to do firmware update or device configuration with batch of devices at the same time. For those who have significant number of active devices in the field, ADM plays a critical part in daily operations by making the device management tasks easy and efficient. Â

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