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Asteri Navigation Launches X-Series of Wearable GNSS Receivers

By [email protected] - 22nd December 2016 - 14:43

Asteri Navigation has introduced a new line of rugged, compact and fully integrated GNSS receivers. Designed for geospatial field data collection and inspection applications that require high accuracy positioning, the Asteri X-Series receivers are light enough to be mounted to external sensors or worn on the body or arm. The compact Asteri receivers were designed with safety and ease of use in mind. Each device weighs just 11.3 ounces with the 12-hour lithium battery. And their 2.8-inch by 5.4-inch size allows them to fit safely in shoulder or arm pouches. The internal single-frequency antenna enables users to capture accuracies of well under 10 cm with RTK/VRS corrections. This integrated design allows users to work in difficult terrain without worrying about equipment and antennas getting snagged or broken. For users needing higher accuracy, an external multi-frequency antenna can be added to the provided port on the receiver.