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Arun District Council grasps opportunities by migrating to Cadcorp GIS

By [email protected] - 23rd August 2016 - 15:25

A district council in West Sussex is using GIS and web mapping technology from Cadcorp, to power a range of internal and public-facing geospatial applications. When Arun District Council (ADC) was informed by its software supplier that the internet and intranet GIS products it was using were nearing end-of-life and would no longer be supported, the Council went to the market to find replacements. Following an open and competitive tendering process, ADC chose to deploy GIS technology from Cadcorp. Today that technology is being used throughout Arun. Peter Marsh, Systems Development Manager at ADC said: “The procurement exercise was initiated by the pressing need to replace both internal and public-facing web GIS products and Cadcorp meets all of these requirements.”