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Arborists whittle away Time and Money on Mapping with MGISS!

By [email protected] - 28th October 2015 - 10:34

Tree safety surveys used to take weeks of work and plotting only to be repeated from scratch on the next occasion. Those days may sound like the Dark Ages now as we live in the world of GNSS technology but Brian Crane and Associates, an arboricultural consultancy practice based in Hertford, uses geospatial technology solutions provided by MGISS to carry out their tree surveys. The company specialises in matters related to tree resource management to ensure conservation and architectural heritage. Brian Crane has been carrying out the arboricultural safety surveys on 1200 trees in the grounds of Old Warden Park for many years, a job that used to take several weeks is now completed in just five days. MGISS is a leading supplier of field data capture solutions to arborists and have spent a lot of time developing efficient workflows and cost effective hardware solutions for the