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Applied Streetview Aids Businesses with Turn-key Streetview Camera Solution

By [email protected] - 20th March 2017 - 14:10

With its turn-key Streetview Camera Solution, versatile enough to suit all business types and industry applications, Applied Streetview gives organizations the opportunity to capture data and tell their own tale in 360° grace, without the need to outsource any part of the process. Understanding a business’s desire to keep its high-volume footage secure at all times, it offers total control to companies with its high resolution, end-to-end Streetview Camera Solution, differentiating itself from the uncontrolled, ever-changing public streetview services and low-resolution products currently dominating the market. Jan Martin, CEO of Streetview Technology said, “High quality, up-to-date streetviews aid critical business decisions every day – whether that is to learn the true nature of the surroundings of a new construction site, or if it is to show customers where an office is actually located.”