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Announcing Euclideon Geoverse 1.4, Including Autocad® Support

By [email protected] - 20th May 2016 - 12:38

Geoverse 1.4, a unique technology allowing users to instantly load and interact with point cloud, CAD and image data of any size and even stream it over the internet. Geoverse 1.4 adds incredible performance improvements to streamline workflow like never before. With a complete visualization up to a volume of 128TB of point clouds data and image data, CAD models and 3D city models in less than a second, the users will obtain an overall quality assessment of their projects in the blink of an eye. Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail technology facilitates global access to data through the internet, enabling users to perform quality assessments, kilometers away from production units, to increase productivity. The Unlimited Detail algorithm is so efficient that even the largest of point clouds can now stream easily across ordinary ADSL or even mobile 3G.