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Anglian Water expands Vehicle Tracking Solution with Ctrack

By [email protected] - 23rd March 2016 - 12:28

Anglian Water has extended its vehicle tracking solution with Ctrack across a further 500 vans within its fleet having already achieved a host of benefits in terms of road safety, fuel efficiency and environmental responsibility. A year after the initial 750 vehicles were fitted, the number of road accidents across Anglian Water’s commercial fleet operation had fallen by 14 per cent, while fuel efficiency improved by 10 per cent and carbon emissions dropped by 4 per cent. Anglian Water uses Ctrack Online’s reporting tool to capture management information regarding driver performance and driving exceptions. This has enabled the company to identify areas of improvement and maximise its driver training initiative, resulting in an almost fifty per cent reduction in the number driver exceptions, such as speeding and harsh acceleration, braking and cornering – from 25 miles per event to 49 miles per event.

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