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Andy Boutle, Sarah Davidson & Shaun Farrell join the UK BIM Alliance Executive Team

By [email protected] - 26th February 2019 - 14:26

Andy Boutle, Head of BIM Regional Building at Kier, Sarah Davidson an Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham and Shaun Farrell, UK Information Manager Service Lead at BuroHappold have joined the Executive Team. Andy has come on-board as Engagement Co-Lead with Pam Bhandal, Sarah as Co-Lead of Implementation alongside David Glennon and Shaun is Operations Co-Lead with Stephen Holmes. “I am excited to join the Executive Team and look forward to continuing to build momentum with the team into 2019,” says Andy. Sarah adds “I have been working with the Alliance since its launch and was delighted to be involved in the Security Provision Project – one of the first projects to be supported by and published through the Alliance.” “I am excited to join the Executive Team and do all I can to support the operational side of the Alliance addressing whatever challenges come our way,” comments Shaun.