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Anatum Field Solutions Publishes Evaluation of Bluetooth Sub-meter Receivers

By [email protected] - 20th May 2016 - 12:31

Anatum Field Solutions, a GNSS equipment rental company, has published the results of an extensive evaluation of Bluetooth sub-meter GNSS receivers. The evaluation was conducted on a GNSS test course in Tigard, Oregon with 13 Reference Points established in open sky, light tree canopy, moderate tree canopy, and heavy tree canopy using an optical instrument operated by a land surveyor and referenced to NAD83/2011 datum with ITRF08 coordinates computed as well. The evaluation was focused on the performance of Bluetooth GNSS receivers rated at or near sub-meter precision by its manufacturer, and focused on performance in difficult conditions, namely light/moderate/heavy tree canopy, even within arms reach of 30” Douglas Fir trees. The results of the evaluation focus on the accuracy of each receiver in various environments and also the receiver’s ability to reasonably estimate the precision in those environments. The full report can be viewed at