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ALGIZ 8X Rugged Tablet, a New Tough Computer from Handheld

By [email protected] - 20th March 2017 - 15:31

Handheld Group, announces the all-new Algiz 8X ultra-rugged tablet computer. The new Algiz 8X is built for modern field workers who require a powerful, portable computer for mobile tasks. The Algiz 8X offers communication features such as LTE and dual-band WLAN, along with an 8-inch projective capacitive touchscreen that is ultra-bright and built for outdoor use. Enabling glove mode or rain mode allows for seamless operation in changing weather. The chemically strengthened glass survives a mighty impact test. The Algiz 8X also comes with an optional active capacitive stylus. Johan Hed, director of product management said, “The new Algiz 8X is the most compact and ergonomic Windows tablet we have ever developed. We’ve pushed the limits of modern field technology with this product, fulfilling customers’ needs for powerful computing, mobility, outstanding screen performance and battery life. We made no compromises.”