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Alexander Dalrymple Award presented to UKHO’s Jeff Bryant

By [email protected] - 7th January 2019 - 13:59

Named in honour of the first Hydrographer of the Navy, the Alexander Dalrymple Award has been presented by the UKHO each year since 2006, in recognition of an individual’s outstanding contribution to hydrography: the science of surveying and charting our oceans. Mr. Bryant is the thirteenth recipient of the award (and the third recipient from the UK) nominated for the global impact he has made within the international hydrographic community. Presenting the award at this year’s World Hydrography Day reception, Rear Admiral Tim Lowe congratulated Mr. Bryant on his achievements and his commitment to enhancing the cartographic skills of individuals and nations across the globe. These skills are essential to supporting maritime trade and the safety of ships navigating our oceans. During his speech at the event, RAdm Tim Lowe also commented on the need to support the use of bathymetry – the study of underwater depths - and wider marine geospatial data in developing sustainable marine economies.

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