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AirWorks and Datasight Announce Strategic Partnership for More Efficient Map Production

By GeoConnexion - 1st March 2023 - 09:13

AirWorks and DataSight announced that they have entered a strategic partnership that will enable customers to quickly extract 2D and 3D linework, as well as breaklines, through each of the company’s proprietary softwares. The two solutions will now be integrated into a single platform to offer users greater convenience and ease of use. Datasight has a SaaS product called Breakline Builder that assists topographic map production by quickly and accurately extracting breakline data from point clouds. AirWorks’s Automate solution is powered by patented AI models, and quickly extracts planimetric features from ortho imagery and point clouds. The collaboration brings added value to customers who naturally want fast and accurate breakline creation along with their base maps. Both companies enhance the process of creating survey-grade outputs in record time, empowering companies to deliver more projects faster.

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