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Airporter’s Customer Satisfaction and Driver Behavior Improved with Masternaut

By [email protected] - 22nd May 2015 - 13:06

Airporter has implemented Masternautâs powerful fleet management solution to provide real-time vehicle tracking, increase passenger safety, and deliver fuel efficiency savings. Fleet managers at Airporter are now using data from Masternaut Connect, including the eco-Drive and TACHOfresh modules, to inform passengers of where vehicles are at a particular time, track and improve driver behaviour, and reduce fuel costs across the fleet. Transporting 100,000 passengers each year with its fleet of 17 Mercedes Executive mini coaches, accurate vehicle tracking is essential to Airporterâs service. Masternaut Connect will ensure that real-time vehicle information can be correctly relayed to customers and ensure they transfer from airport-to-airport on time. Airporter prides itself on high safety and compliance standards, ensuring drivers are correctly trained to be safe and that regular vehicle safety inspections are completed.