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AirMap Brings UTM Services to Enterprises with Drone Operations Center

By [email protected] - 20th December 2019 - 09:56

AirMap’s Enterprise Operations Management (EOM) Center allows enterprises, in particular those with infrastructure assets such as oil and gas, energy, telecommunication, transportation, and construction companies, to create customized drone operation zones and assign them company-specific geo-spatial and operational rules. Enterprise drone operations managers can then use AirMap’s EOM Center to create airspace zones and geo-fences to map their assets, monitor and authorize enterprise drone operation requests, and track and report missions in real time. The rules they choose to set can range from operational procedures (e.g., ‘flights over the refinery require additional clearance from the operations manager on duty’) to restrictions (‘no flights are allowed over the staff parking lot’). By using the AirMap platform, enterprises can ensure they are in compliance with all public airspace regulations while safely completing their organization’s mission.