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Airborne Hyperspectral Survey and Mineral Mapping in South Greenland

By [email protected] - 25th February 2020 - 11:10

ASL Environmental Sciences (ASL) in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada has, following a tender process, entered into a contract with the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Government of Greenland. Under this contract ASL will process and analyse a large amount of airborne hyperspectral data in order to produce mineral maps for the Gardar Province in south Greenland. Hyperspectral remote sensing (also referred to as imaging spectroscopy) provides image data recorded in a large number of wavelengths, many outside of the human visual range.The image data can be used in the same fashion as a laboratory spectrometer, to detect and quantitatively map spectral features specific to many minerals. By comparing on-ground hyperspectral measurements with the airborne measurements, it is possible to find areas where a given mineral has not been previously registered. The Gardar Province comprises a suite of Proterozoic alkaline igneous rocks associated with continental rifting in South Greenland.In this area there are great opportunities to make new discoveries of a variety of mineral resources, including rare earth elements.

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