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Aibot X6 Version 2 first UAS with RTK - High Precision GNSS as a serial product

By [email protected] - 28th October 2015 - 10:34

At INTERGEO 2015 Aibotix GmbH presented a new solution for high-precision surveying with Version 2 of its tried and tested hexacopter AibotX6:: High Precision GNSS. This makes Aibotix GmbH the first company to offer a serial-production solution for high-precision GNSS for surveying UAVs. The close collaboration of several development teams made it possible to adapt the new technology so rapidly and develop it further for use in a surveying hexacopter. The precision and quality of the surveying data can be significantly improved by using RTK technology on the basis of the SmartNet (Leica Geosystems AG) correction data service. Post-processing is also a possible alternative. This new flexibility not only saves users a lot of time, but also offers them more scope for adapting their activities to a specific operational situation.