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AGI Award Winners for 2016

By [email protected] - 21st December 2016 - 12:06

Since 1989, the Association’s annual Awards have recognised excellence, not least in acknowledging and formally thanking those who have made a significant contribution to the geocommunity and to the promotion of the use of geographical information. The AGI Council presented its latest awards at the #GeoCom16 Conference held in in late November.

The AGI Award for Career Achievement in GI went to Jamie Justham, Founder of Dotted Eyes

This prestigious award recognises individuals who have made a significant contribution to the industry during their career and whose efforts have made a long-lasting impression. Charlie Gilbert, who both nominated and presented the award to Jamie, along with David Henderson, said, “I can think of no-one who is more deserving of this award, given his support and determination to grow the geoinformation industry into what it is today.”

He recounts how, in 1989, Jamie was inspired by the Chorley Report on Geographic Information to forsake his marketing job and set up a consultancy to help organisations benefit from the power of geography in business. He chose the rather wacky trading name Dotted Eyes, hoping it would suggest a combination of strategic vision with tactical precision.

Initially he worked from home, the breakthrough coming in the early 1990s with a commission to create The Times World Map and Database. Perhaps presciently, he saw that while complete GIS solutions could be built around digital mapping and appropriate software, training and technical support services were no less important. This provided the stimulus to grow the business, even in the days before Ordnance Survey enabled partners to offer its data sets.

Early in 2008, when Dotted Eyes had grown to about 25 employees, Jamie sold the majority of shares to Ben Allan, the incoming chief executive, who asked him to stay on. Jamie became chairman before taking semi-retirement, albeit retaining an active involvement in geographic information. The company now operates under two separate brands: Field Dynamics to offer business process consultancy, and the miso portal to distribute software and services online. Needless to say, Jamie still makes an active contribution to both!

The AGI Chairperson’s Award for Outstanding Service to the AGI went to Simon Wheeler, Land and Property Services

The hard work and dedication of AGI members is central to a vibrant geocommunity with purpose. The AGI Chairperson’s Award was this year nominated and presented by AGI Chair David Henderson to Simon Wheeler in recognition of his outstanding contribution in furthering the aims of the Association.

Simon was a member of the AGINI executive committee for 15 years, and for the last five its Chair. Also a member of the AGI UK Council for five years, Simon represented Northern Ireland at the UK Council. He has worked tirelessly for the AGI, most recently giving generously of his time and effort in preparing the AGI Foresight Report 2020.

Simon led six successful annual events during his time as AGINI Chair and contributed to many other activities to connect the GI Community throughout the year. He never shied away from promoting membership to new and existing staff in Land and Property Services. He wanted the community to be welcoming to new members and for it to grow. Overall, Simon has a “just do it” attitude. With too many ideas and not enough time to execute them all, he motivated others to get involved, and continues his commitment to the AGINI, even though his job moved away from GIS about four years ago.

Rico Santiago, current AGINI Chair, said: “Over many years, I’ve run into Simon on numerous occasions and in different capacities, and each time we spoke, he was able to impress upon me the importance of the AGI to the GI community and its role as an agent of positive change in our society.

It wasn’t just what he said that inspired me to get involved in the GI community, it was also what he’s done and continues to do: lead by example.”

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