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Aggregion opens new opportunities for secure collaboration when working with data

By GeoConnexion - 14th January 2021 - 11:36

Aggregion, a company that develops solutions for collaborative work with data and the creation of partner ecosystems, is now connected to the G-Core Labs cloud. This cloud is located in jurisdictions important for Aggregion and supports Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) for secure work. Intel SGX was integrated into the G-Core Labs cloud thanks to software from Scontain. Software solutions provided by Aggregion let various companies like retailers, telecom operators, banks, insurance companies, IT corporations, and marketing agencies commence secure and efficient collaborative projects with massive amounts of anonymized data related to purchases and audience characteristics. Due to the attained synergetic effect, partners who cooperate on the Aggregion platform, such as banks and retailers, can optimize cross-channel advertising campaigns, promote each other’s products and services to target audiences, manage customer loyalty and create various partner programs.

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