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Aeromapper Talon Professional Mapping Solution With 2 Hour Endurance

By [email protected] - 21st December 2016 - 16:03

Aeromao announced the Aeromapper Talon, which has officially received a power upgrade that extends its flying time to two hours. This upgrade comes after many hours of research, flight testing and tuning. The Aeromapper Talon still maintains its standard key features such as being easy to handlaunch, parachute landing, fully autonomous flight, long range communications, GNSS PPK optional addition and more, making it even more unique in the industry. Aeromao Inc. manufactures three UAV systems: the Aeromapper Talon, Aeromapper 300 and the Aeromapper EV2. The Aeromappers are the most complete UAV packages with such a complete set of features. The Aeromappers are turnkey Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for remote sensing, mapping and surveying for professional use. Aeromao are currently working on extending the communications link distance of the Aeromappers from 20 kms to about 50+ km. Results will be posted when available.