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Aero Surveillance Introduces A New Multi Purpose Payload Launcher

By [email protected] - 7th January 2016 - 10:51

Aero Surveillance has announced the MPL 30, a new Multi purpose Payload Launcher on its line of VTOL Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles. The MPL 30 system can be used to fire multiple types of payloads targeting key applications that include law enforcement, crowd and riot situation control, avalanche triggering and meteorological conditions modifications just to name a few. “The MPL 30 allows us to propose complete and modular drone based solutions for law enforcement, homeland security as well as a range of civilian applications.” says Philippe Roy, President and CEO of Aero Surveillance. “We are very pleased with our collaboration with the Etienne Lacroix Group, international pyrotechnic leader providing a variety of pyrotechnic effects, components, products and systems.” The system can be deployed from several hundred meters altitude, provide real-time imagery of the situation while being positioned at the best possible position for firing supported payloads.