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Aero Surveillance announces a new version of its Octocopter ASV 30

By [email protected] - 23rd August 2016 - 10:00

Aero Surveillance is pleased to announce a new version of its ASV 30 with 4 or 8 rotors that integrate an all-digital gyro-stabilized gimbal with great angular precision. The ASV 30 Model 4 or 8 is a high performance professional system capable of carrying heavy payloads (up to 4 Kg or 8.8 lbs.) with a maximum endurance of 1 hour. The system has a maximum range of approximately 10 miles. The ASV 30/8 (8 rotors version) with an Ingress Protection (IP 54) rating is designed to operate in harsh environments. The new all-digital gyro-stabilized gimbal combined with the data link is capable of transmitting high definition video and infrared imagery in real-time at distances up to 10 miles in the appropriate conditions. The ASV 30 has been designed with modularity in mind and can be configured with different sensors including custom configurations.