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ADT And Sfara Launches Comprehensive Fleet Safety And Compliance Solution

By [email protected] - 1st May 2019 - 15:18

Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) has teamed up with Sfara Inc. to develop a comprehensive fleet safety and compliance offering that will solve driver behavioral problems rather than simply diagnosing them. The smartphone-enabled solution will use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to deliver targeted training directly to drivers in a respectful and considerate manner. Additionally, details of any triggered event will be shared with ADT’s system, so patterns can be determined and, where necessary, tailored messages or e-training modules sent automatically to the driver. Simply put, it will provide a risk mitigating solution to the driver faster than traditional fleet telematics deliver the problem to the fleet manager, who in turn can take a more hands-off approach for minor infringements and focus on higher risk, persistent offenders.