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ABPmer’s metocean service extends to Baltic Sea

By [email protected] - 26th June 2015 - 08:48

ABPmer has extended its SEASTATES service to include the Baltic Sea. As with their SEASTATES service for other regions, the Baltic forecast combines meteorological data with high resolution wave models and is validated against local observations. In the forecast, this means that the models are continuously âtrainedâ so improving the accuracy of the ârawâ forecasts. Jamie Hernon, Metocean Business Development Manager at ABPmer, said: âSEASTATES is used by a range of sectors; we extended the service to include the Baltic due to our offshore wind clientsâ increasing activity in the area.â ABPmerâs metocean information is used to inform a variety of decisions; from designing offshore structures and breakwaters to planning safe operational weather windows and tactical strategies for elite yacht racing.