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4 Earth Intelligence Heat Hazard Data Supports Resilience Planning across UK

By GeoConnexion - 26th August 2020 - 14:22

The UK’s first street level map of areas potentially at risk from extreme weather conditions has been warmly received since its launch. Created by earth observation company 4 Earth Intelligence (4EI), with support from the Ordnance Survey through its Covid-19 Response licencing, the free at point of use Heat Hazard Postcode data is already being used to plan the provision of urban green spaces, assess vulnerable populations and inform climate change strategy. Early adopters of the data include the Greater London Authority (GLA), numerous local authorities and several central government departments. Derived from satellite imagery and created using automated algorithms, the 4EI data identifies hot spots, usually within urban areas, where temperatures can be up to 3-4 degrees higher forming what is known as an Urban Heat Island (UHI).

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