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3DReshaper plugin dedicated to tanks analysis

By [email protected] - 23rd February 2017 - 11:27

3D scanners are being used more often to analyse storage tanks and inspect their integrity because they allow the fast and accurate acquisition of a large amount of data. The new 2016 MR1 version of 3DReshaper has an optional module dedicated to tank analysis and processing. The tank inspection plugin allows users to inspect plumbness, create 3D inspections to detect possible problem areas on the tank by creating a 3D colormap to highlight problem areas. This map can be unrolled and displayed as a 2D colormap. It can evaluate roundness and verticality by creating section cuts of the tank and displays the different sections with exaggerated deviations to allow users to detect the slightest anomaly. Also can compute the differential settlement or localized settlement on the bottom of the tank according to API 653 standard tolerances. Finally, complete reports can be generated at the end of the analysis.