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3D PluraView Monitor Product Family expanded – new 22” Full-HD Model

By [email protected] - 21st August 2018 - 12:50

The innovative, passive Stereo Monitor Product Family from Schneider Digital has been extended – a 3D PluraView Display with compact housing, 22” screen and full HD resolution is now also available. Two different screen sizes – Full-HD, with either 2.5K or 4K resolution. The 3D PluraView family of monitors is a passive 3D stereo system with the highest user acceptance of any 3D stereo monitors currently on the market. The 3D PluraView product family now offers three models with the following areas of application: GIS / mapping, photogrammetry, laser scanning, computer tomography, simulation, molecular research and design / CAD stereo software applications. As an entry level model for workplaces whose software applications have lower resolution requirements, the new PluraView is available. Its compact housing and narrow overall depth takes up very little desk space and is ideally suited to open-plan offices accommodating a lot of workstations in a small area.

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