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2019 FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting

By [email protected] - 1st October 2019 - 14:37

The Annual Meeting of FIG Commission 7 was held in Seoul, Korea, for 5 days from August 5th to 9th. More than 100 people from 23 countries participated in the event sharing their knowledge and experience in the field of cadastre, land administration and geospatial information. LX, the Korean public entity affiliated with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MoLIT), organized the 2019 Commission’s Annual Meeting in Seoul (Korea). LX’s main functions include land surveying, and administration of geospatial information, global projects, research and education.

The Annual Meeting was impeccably organized, and every need of participants was met with the generous and warm hosting spirit of the Koreans. The result was an outstanding annual meeting with high-quality technical presentations, great friendly discussions and a lot of camaraderie among Commission 7 delegates. The next meeting will be in FIG 2020 Working Week in Amsterdam and then the 2020 annual meeting later in Switzerland.