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2016 CHC Dealer Meeting successfully held

By [email protected] - 22nd March 2016 - 17:20

More than 25 CHC dealers from different countries attended the CHC yearly important event - 2016 CHC Dealer Meeting, successfully held in Shanghai. Focusing on CHC’s achievement in global market, George Zhao,the CEO of CHC, gave a presentation about market share that CHC has won in the past year and mapping out CHC’s long-term strategy. The conference also enabled the dealers to share successful cases. Product managers in CHC introduced their main products and latest technology including Land Survey solution, GIS solution, CORS solution and Monitoring solutions. Dealers were so excited at CHC’s rapid development and the splendid achievements made. On the 3rd day more than 50 people enjoyed a memorable experience on a boat tour and a traditional dinner with beautiful night views of Shanghai. With full co-operation of all the dealers CHC are looking forward to a bigger market share in GNSS industry in 2016.