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1st International UAV Humanitarian Award to be Awarded at UK Drone Show

By [email protected] - 25th August 2015 - 10:13

Todayâs UAVs are faster, safer and cheaper to fly which makes them hugely appealing and effective candidates for humanitarian ventures. This has been highlighted in the recent Nepal earthquake disaster, where volunteer UAV pilots played a huge part in the search and rescue operation following the devastating earthquake. For a fraction of the cost of their satellite counterparts, UAVs generate real time information, situation monitoring, public information and advocacy, search and rescue, mapping and more. UAVs have played a key role in the disaster relief efforts and the International UAV Humanitarian Award (UAVHA) exists to celebrate the efforts of humanitarian drone projects, search and rescue, not for profit initiatives and recognize some of the industryâs most inspirational role models. The UAVHA will be presented at the UK Drone Show in December 2015, with hugely respected industry greats Dr. Patrick Meier of, and Patrick Egan of AirVid on-hand to present the award. â¨