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1Spatial unveils new survey capabilities in 1Edit

By GeoConnexion - 12th April 2022 - 13:14

1Spatial have extended the capability of their survey application, 1Edit, with increased support for photos and 2.5D data. 1Edit 3.1 allows users to attach feature photos, including automated geotagging, which enables surveyors to visualise assets and fine tune their observations. The latest version now includes new validation functions and improved handling for Heights (2.5D
data), typically useful for detailed asset and land management surveys. Enhanced styling, including bitmap fills and dashed lines make it easier to identify and classify different asset types during surveys. Additional control of editable layers and fields provide protection for non-editable data and protects the quality of data. Significant improvements to rendering of thematic mapping, further enhances the speed and fluidity of the intuitive user interface.

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