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1Spatial helps to create a central source of geospatial truth for the City of Marseille

By [email protected] - 28th October 2015 - 19:47

1Spatial helps Marseilleâs GIS team to simplify the administration and management of its geospatial data and tools. Geospatial data is central to many of the issues the city needs to manage and it has recognised that efficiently sharing authoritative data is an important function. Sharing data from many sources with a wide set of users quickly exposes any inconsistencies and the City had experienced some problems with data quality as a result. Together, 1Spatial and Pascal Giansilyâs team (Marseille) developed a GIS solution that centered on a single, central data warehouse, an Oracle Spatial database, known to the team as the Unitor. The Unitor centralises all geospatial data, ensuring it is consistent, properly managed and authoritative.

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