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1-Fleet Alliance map out closer pan-European union

By [email protected] - 22nd December 2016 - 14:46

Vehicle tracking entrepreneurs from across Europe met at London’s Savoy Hotel to strengthen business collaboration. The 17 members of 1-Fleet Alliance – a group of telematics companies that together track more than 500,000 vehicles throughout Europe – agreed to forge closer ties. Following previous meetings, the group agreed to form 1-Fleet Corporation, a commercial entity to represent the interests of the majority of the members. The group’s objectives include collaboration and networking, promoting innovation and telematics industry standardisation, as well as joint marketing and commercial agreements. “This was a landmark meeting for 1-Fleet Alliance, taking our collaborative activities to a new level,” said Joe Fenech Conti, CEO of Loqus, Martin Port, Managing Director of 1-Fleet Alliance member BigChange. “Despite all the talk of Brexit, there was an overwhelming consensus that closer cooperation is the way forward and that 1-Fleet Alliance should take a lead in the fast growing telematics market.”