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UAVOS Completed Project to Improve Railway Inspection Safety and Speed

By Eric Van Rees - 17th March 2022 - 07:49

UAVOS, an unmanned aircraft development company, has completed a railway utility inspection project with UAVOS' drones and photogrammetry/GIS software.

UAVOS inspected over 3000 km of railway infrastructure including rails, power lines providing electricity to the trains, and other utilities in need of regular inspection and maintenance. The goal of the project was to apply unmanned inspection techniques to map railway infrastructure for an accurate visualization providing fast and precise potential damage identification and thus increasing workplace safety for railway employees.

The railway infrastructure data collection has been conducted with UAVOS’ UVH 25EL electric power unmanned helicopter and Borey fixed-wing drone equipped with two different types of sensors:

• LiDAR for a georeferenced 3D point cloud of the railway utilities creation;

• Sony digital camera for 3D spatial data

Additionally, UAVOS conducted high volume data measurement management and combination of tachymetric surveying with aerial photographs and LiDAR data helped include it in the GIS base.

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