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Texas Town Putting Work Orders to Work

By [email protected] - 8th June 2016 - 15:40

Denton, Texas, Leverages Cityworks for City-wide Construction

Sandy, UT – Staff at the City of Denton, Texas, are working more efficiently, saving taxpayer dollars, and lessening the impact of construction on the public. Cityworks provides the ability to view and manage the city’s infrastructure, maintenance work, construction projects, and franchise utility data in a web-accessible, map-based system across major city departments. The result is fewer construction conflicts, greater attention to detail, and improved operational awareness.

The City had tried multiple methods of tracking construction plans, but lists and spreadsheets were simply not enough. Without some kind of visual representation of possible conflicts, things were falling through the cracks. Now a simple set of custom fields reports back whether the streets are clear and for how long. This data is joined to records of the street projects to show an up-to-date status of the review process across multiple utilities.

With Cityworks, city staff are able to respond to construction planning questions much faster and with greater, more accurate detail. When managers need decision-support information on construction, most often a simple glance at the map in Cityworks is all it takes.

“The resulting map created through Cityworks has been tremendously useful”, said Tyler Dawson, wastewater utilities coordinator. “Without a clean GIS database and a GIS-centric CMMS application, we would not have the maintenance history or asset management capabilities which we have today.”

“This is exactly what is meant by a system of engagement,” said Brian Haslam, president and CEO, Cityworks. “Leveraging the authoritative data in the city’s GIS, staff and contractors at all levels can visualize and understand the information they need to make the best decisions with the least amount of impact on citizens. Keeping America’s infrastructure functioning and dependable is a tall order. It remains our mission to make this process easy, efficient, and less costly to taxpayers.”

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