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Schneider Electric Announces The New Geodatabase Manager XI

By Eric Van Rees - 3rd July 2020 - 06:20

Schneider Electric, a provider of Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions for utilities and communication providers, announced the launch of the new Geodatabase Manager XI (GDBM XI).

GDBM XI automates the tasks for maintaining a continuously up-to-date Utility Network, managing both the database and network for completeness and accuracy. Through use of automation, GDBM XI can free up the end-user time by 12%. Built exclusively for Esri’s Utility Network, GDBM XI gives utility field crews confidence that they are working from the most current customer data.

Key features of GDBM XI include:

• Automated Version Management: GDBM XI can cycle through all outstanding versions (or Sessions, if ArcFM Editor XI is used) simultaneously, giving it the power to process a larger volume of versions in the same scheduled run time.

• Scheduling: This feature allows you to choose when to run GDBM XI. If multiple utility networks need to be processed, multiple schedules can be created to run at any time to minimize database locks.

• Utility Network Management Tasks: GDBM XI includes out-of-the-box core Utility Network management tasks that can be configured to run at a specified time, thereby eliminating running those tasks manually.

• Custom Tasks: These tasks allow your organization to extend GDBM XI for any specific requirement. For example, GDBM XI could execute validation attribute rules for finer grained data validation for the Utility Network.

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