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New Light Technologies and Boundless Announce Strategic Partnership

By [email protected] - 15th June 2018 - 11:07

New Light Technologies and Boundless Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive Innovative Geospatial Solutions Into the Federal Government. New Partnership Will Bring Highly Scalable GIS Solutions Into Federal and State Governments that Cut Cost, Improve Efficiencies and Save Lives

Washington, D.C. and St. Louis MO – June 13, 2018 – New Light Technologies, Inc. (NLT) and Boundless, today announced a strategic partnership to drive delivery of innovative, highly scalable and cloud enabled open geospatial solutions to federal and state governments. As demand grows for geospatial software to be more accessible, secure, modular, scalable, interoperable and integrated with enterprise IT systems, organizations are increasingly looking for software and implementation services teams that can meet these expanding requirements. This new partnership will help government organizations save money, improve efficiencies and ultimately, save lives.

Both companies share a common approach to delivering the best value products and services to customers. Leveraging the highly scalable and innovative geospatial solutions from Boundless and NLT’s enterprise IT customization and implementation services, the new partnership will enable the firms to deliver customers cost effective solutions designed to extract intelligence value from their location-based data with the speed and efficiency needed in dynamically changing environments. This will enable organizations to use modern IT practices such as DevOps and microservices to maximize innovation, minimize risk, and optimize efficiencies in what are usually very legacy processes. Further, the partnership will strengthen consulting and service capacity for Boundless and expand NLT’s open GIS software offerings.

"This new partnership not only arms government customers with unparalleled technology, products, and support, but also provides users with the tools needed to gain deeper intelligence and insights using location-based data and aids in better planning and decision-making,” said Andy Dearing, CEO of Boundless. “Our strategic partnership with New Light Technologies strengthens our implementation and customization services to meet customer missions and ensure long term success. We are excited about this partnership and all the capabilities that will be delivered to government agencies, now and in the future.”

“The increased use of highly virtualized and containerized computing environments, and the development of continuously integrated shareable modularized software development practices are helping to improve access, speed delivery, increase scalability, lower cost of ownership and reduce technical debt for many organizations today. The Boundless product line offers new ways for the geospatial industry to attain these benefits now,” said Ghermay Araya, CEO of New Light Technologies.

Boundless and NLT represent the next generation of GIS built upon the next generation of IT best practices. The companies have partnered to develop innovative solutions to address the challenges of developing, deploying and accrediting location intelligence software. The firms are currently collaborating on development of highly scalable virtualized geospatial microservices solutions to support the emergency management community and will be expanding their alliance in the coming months.

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