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INTERGEO – Strong location, even stronger INTERGEO

By [email protected] - 29th June 2016 - 08:10

Internationality and expertise

Karlsruhe, 28 June 2016 | “Hamburg has pulling power” – says Prof. Karl-Friedrich Thöne. The venue is perfect for INTERGEO. Why? An interview with DVW president and INTERGEO patron Thöne about the growing high-tech show and its diverse conference programme.

INTERGEO 2015 in Stuttgart broke all the records in terms of exhibition space and visitor numbers. Are you expecting a similar picture in Hamburg?
Based on the positive response, I am certain. The stands at INTERGEO are already fully booked. The top issues of “Smart Cities”, “UAV” and “BIM”, which are driving the ongoing development of the Geo-IT industry, obviously attract an active community.

The international character of INTERGEO has increased every year. Do you expect this trend to continue in Hamburg?
The general trend seems to be continuing – INTERGEO is seen worldwide as the most important event in the “Geo” segment, and we expect to see another increase in the number of international guests. We are working continuously on expanding the international focus of the exhibitors and visitors at INTERGEO. There is simultaneous translation of the keynote speeches, and the speakers are becoming more international. Our country pavilions will play a key role in the further internationalisation. The UK is the partner country of INTERGEO 2016, and will be represented by almost 20 companies. The United States is also represented by a pavilion for medium-sized companies. Last but not least, Hamburg is a global, outward-looking city that will also attract visitors from all over the world in its own right.

As the host city for INTERGEO, Hamburg is leading the way when it comes to the Smart City. Is this reflected in INTERGEO?
As I said, the Smart City is one of the top issues at the event. Hamburg is considered to be an economically strong, vibrant city. It embraced a digital strategy at an early stage, and this is now reflected in best-practice projects. Sustainable city planning, climate protection, an intelligent mobility concept and IT-controlled port management are all aspects of the city that would not work without “Geo”. Hamburg really is the ideal environment for the trinity of Smart – City – Geo. We are taking excursions to Hamburg’s port area, the fascinating world of cutting-edge architecture in the harbour district and to the ongoing operations at a major construction site on the A7. In his keynote speech, Dr. Sebastian Saxe will provide insight into the intelligent networking of the Port of Hamburg as one of the three top ports in Europe.

What other issues are at the top of the agenda of INTERGEO 2016?
The most important global players in the industry have made a conscious decision to present their innovations at INTERGEO. Solutions will be on display for the fields of mobility, energy supply, climate protection, and liveable cities and rural areas. Citizen involvement, data protection, data security and e-government will play a key role in future developments. All this will be keenly discussed at INTERGEO. INTERGEO provides a platform for the geodesy, geoinformation and land management sectors to come together in all their diversity and share information and ideas. Another key issue is the recruitment of new young talent. The shortage of skilled workers in the IT industry is having an impact on the Geo-IT sector. We use INTERGEO as the perfect platform for conveying the positive image of the Geo industry as a career option for young people.

How has interaerial SOLUTIONS developed on the back of its launch last year?
Interest and demand for the field of UAVs is currently booming – both in terms of content and for solutions and services. Using UAVs for surveying in particular has become very professional. The regulatory framework has broadly been established, and has clarified what is permitted and what isn’t. This is why it is only natural that interaerial SOLUTIONS is growing. We are expecting twice as many exhibitors as last year. The range of presentations in the forum has also been expanded and drones will again be taking off in the now well-established flight zone.

Are there any other highlights that come with the proximity to the harbour and the coast?
Maritime engineering survey work is a thread that runs through other parts of the event, too. Applications include infrastructure projects on sea routes and hydrographic surveying. All in all, these are exciting issues of global importance, particularly if we consider other uses such as offshore wind parks. The energy revolution continues to be a hot topic at INTERGEO, with new aspects and complex networking arising all the time.

INTERGEO TV also informs about the conference on

INTERGEO 2016 will be held in Hamburg from 11 to 13 October.

INTERGEO, which consists of a conference and a trade fair, is the world’s largest event for geodesy, geoinformation and land management. It is held every year at different venues in Germany. The conference deals with current issues from politics, administration, science and industry, and had around 1,200 participants. At last year’s leading trade fair, more than 16,500 visitors from 90 countries discovered the latest innovations from 549 companies from 30 different countries.

Visitor, exhibitor and exhibition area statistics for INTERGEO are calculated and certified in line with the standardised definitions of the FKM (Society for the Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics).

INTERGEO’s continuing aim is to facilitate process optimization in numerous target markets with the geo-IT potential it showcases. Its forthcoming venues are the internationally renowned exhibition cities of Hamburg in 2016, Berlin in 2017 and Frankfurt am Main in 2018.

DVW – German Society for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Management is the host of INTERGEO.

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