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By [email protected] - 18th May 2016 - 15:02

LOC-Place identifies as one of the best Indoor Navigation Providers.

Vienna, Austria: In the course of an evaluation exercise of several indoor navigation technology providers, LOC-Place, the European incubator for location based technologies and services, rated’ solution as superior quality.

The European knowledge and innovation platform specialized on location based marketing and services, LOC-Place, is continuously on the search for advanced technologies that have potential to revolutionize indoor spaces and their visitors’ indoor experience.

In the course of a global evaluation exercise of innovative technologies enabling indoor navigation, various solutions from more than a dozen aspiring companies have been tested and compared to each other. The premises of the well known Austrian vineyard, Leo Hillinger, using the solution for indoor navigation, served as one such subject of evaluation which helped LOC-Place get an idea of this globally operating startup company at first hand.

It was whose performance stood out from the masses by convincing through the most efficient and effective solution

Thomas Hinterleithner, Founder and Managing Director of LOC-Place explains, “Out of all evaluated solutions, clearly offers the most precise indoor positioning and navigation based on iBeacon technology. By means of their latest technology accomplishment, SLAM, they manage a quantum leap in the quality of indoor navigation technology, allowing for an extraordinarily fast and efficient setup of the whole system.”

SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) EngineTM which was launched in early 2016, is based on a technology that speeds up the mapping process of a building 10-fold and therefore significantly increases overall efficiency. For the second half of this year, has planned the market introduction of SLAM Crowd Engine, an extension of SLAM EngineTM. It is designed to automate the mapping process completely by crowd-sourcing data from active smartphones inside the building and thus mark an important turning point for the indoor navigation industry.

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