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Horizon Launch High Spec Nearshore Survey Boat

By [email protected] - 16th May 2016 - 09:00

Horizon Geosciences recently launched a bespoke, economical nearshore survey boat in tune with client demand. Weighing only 4 tonnes, the Horizon Echo is a flexible nearshore survey option, suited to a wide range of jobs, remote locations and she’s just about to commence work on her first project in Abu Dhabi.

Custom designed and built with client convenience and comfort in mind, Horizon Echo is equipped to carry out full geophysical shallow water surveys and also has the capacity to perform ROV Surveys. The boat has a hull mounted survey grade echosounder with additional bow and side mounts for geophysical equipment. With two winch powered towing davits on board, sidescan sonar and magnetometer can be easily deployed and recovered not to mention grab samplers and other water sampling equipment. Horizon Echo is an ideal choice for a full range of Geophysical and Environmental Surveys.

Her bespoke design, finish and multiple safety features are testament to the careful research carried out by Horizon Engineering Manager David Nunn;

“The feedback from clients often is that they need a modern purpose built nearshore survey boat that is compact, lightweight and easy to mobilise with capabilities of long range. This vessel has been designed to take large payloads of equipment and personnel with excellent stability (minimal roll) and easy steering at slow speeds.

The Echo is ideal for surveying in extreme shallow water; therefore the hull is highest grade strengthened marine aluminium which provides additional safety for all on board. “

Perfect for remote locations, Horizon Echo can be easily launched from land or from a mother-ship crane. Standard SOLAS safety features are included as well as twin diesel engines and generator, direct shaft and propeller, enclosed cabin, private WC, air conditioning, workstation for surveyors with AIS, GPS plotter and autopilot.

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