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GMV to head up Galileo ground segment after securing a new contract worth over €200 million

By Eric Van Rees - 27th June 2023 - 05:42

Technology multinational GMV, which specializes in systems engineering, development, and integration, has recently been awarded a major contract by the European Space Agency (ESA).

The contract entails newly developing the ground control segment for the in-orbit validation (IOV) system of the Galileo Second Generation (G2G). Galileo, Europe’s global navigation satellite system, is the proud flagship of the European Union’s growing space activity.

The primary objectives of the Galileo Second Generation, also known as G2G, are to introduce new state-of-the-art services and technologies; improve existing services and tech; increase the accuracy and robustness of the system; strengthen security; and reduce the system’s maintenance costs. These efforts seek to consolidate and enhance Galileo’s position across the globe. Galileo currently serves more than four billion users worldwide, delivering global positioning, navigation, and clock synchronization services with a positioning accuracy of up to 20 cm.

The new contract signed between GMV and ESA is worth over €200 million. This includes the contracting of core G2G activities, for a value of around €155 million. These activities will be carried out over a period of 42 months, from mid-2023 until the end of 2026, with options for extension until 2028. The contract comes on top of those already signed by GMV for the Galileo First Generation (G1G), bringing the total contracts value since 2018 to more than €500 million.

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