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Elbit Systems Unveils Nano SPEAR- An Expendable Active RF Decoy to Protect Aircrews and Platforms from Anti-Aircraft Threats

By Eric Van Rees - 21st June 2023 - 08:45

Elbit Systems is unveiling the Nano SPEAR at The Paris Airshow, an advanced, digital and miniature system designed as a countermeasure against radar-guided air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles that threaten aircrews and their platforms.

The Nano SPEAR is part of the Self Protection Electronic Attack and Reconnaissance (SPEAR) product family, which includes the Micro SPEAR for very small installations; Light SPEAR for installation on medium-large sized helicopters and UAVs; and the Advanced SPEAR ECM Pod currently on contract for providing active self protection for the C-390 transport aircraft. The SPEAR product family is based on advanced hardware, including Digital Receiver Exciters, that are modular and provide ease of scalability.

The Nano SPEAR is an advanced, expendable RF decoy that uses the aircraft's existing dispensing system, and once launched, acts independently to lure away hostile radar-guided missiles.

Complementary to the aircraft’s existing EW System and operating in coordination with it, or standalone in the absence of an EW System, this ultra-smart RF decoy, weighing less than 800 grams, enhances the platform's self-defenses and aircrew survivability, to achieve mission success.

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