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Cover More Ground in Less Time with Next-Generation Mapping Tools

By [email protected] - 5th July 2016 - 19:57

Cover More Ground in Less Time with Next-Generation Mapping Tools at Esri UC 2016

Centennial, CO – GIS professionals know that the Esri® User Conference is the place to be. Beginning June 27th – July 1st, 16,000 GIS professionals will meet up in San Diego, CA to participate in informational technical workshops, product demos, hands-on learning labs and user sessions. Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) will be at booth #2525 and attendees can stop by to see brand new technology and discover how it will help professionals stay connected and map smarter by using our lasers and a personal smart device.

Our MapSmart on Android software combines all of the sophisticated technology that is typically required to collect field data and puts it into a straightforward app for smart devices. This software simplifies the mapping process by allowing users to establish an origin quickly and begin mapping in just minutes. With MapSmart now available on Android, users gain an improved workflow that includes wireless data transfer, a larger display and built-in help support. Users also have the ability to integrate location data by utilizing the GPS from a smart device or improve accuracy with an external antenna. Be one of the first GIS professionals to see how modern mapping is quickly changing.

LTI is redefining the traditional total station with the brand new TruPoint 300. As the only lightweight, compact, simple point-and-shoot laser with survey-grade accuracy, the TruPoint 300 costs a fraction of alternative technology. This ground-breaking unit measures the distance between two remote points and has on-board solutions for volume, heights and 2D and 3D areas. Users can now collect 3D measurements from a single location using a personal smart device and capture a photo of every shot taken. With the ability to collect on-site, extremely precise data in half the time, this new modern total station will be the go-to tool for collecting measurements quickly, easily and safely.

Imagine if you didn’t have to occupy the location you needed to map. LTI has made this possible with LaserGIS for Esri’s ArcPad data collection software. This software allows users to fully maximize field work productivity. Working seamlessly with the current ArcPad® platform, LaserGIS improves the data collection process by making laser integration faster and easier. Users can now cover more ground in less time and measure the slope distance, inclination, azimuth and position remote features with one, simple shot. Evolve your GIS and start collecting more field data in less time.

“Achieving survey-grade accuracy with a compact and affordable unit is very exciting,” says Derrick Reish, Senior Product Manager for Laser Technology’s Professional Measurement division. “Having the TruPoint 300 and our flagship TruPulse laser products communicate with MapSmart on Android allows us to offer a complete solution for field measurement and mapping.”

In celebration of LTI’s 30th year in business, we will be handing out vouchers for a complete mapping solution during the 2016 Esri User Conference. Stop by booth #2525 to save hundreds!

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