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Are you a Geospatial Master?

By GeoConnexion - 23rd June 2016 - 18:17

Learn about the True Business Value of Integrated Geospatial Solutions. 10 August, Central London
  • Want to get your work noticed by your colleagues and the CEO?
  • Need to broaden and sharpen your organisational understanding for delivering Geospatial solutions?
  • Need to communicate the VALUE of Geospatial and don't know where to start?

Who is this for?

This course is for existing Geospatial and Geomatics Professionals, such as CAD, GIS, survey professionals, who wants to learn more about understanding business and organisational needs and communicating the VALUE of Geospatial Information to a wider audience.

Your experience Level

Novice to Advanced in Geospatial / Geomatics. Novice in all other aspects of course, such as business-wdie Communications skills, making a business case, change management, wider information management and other topics in course

Course Overview

This is not a hands-on technical training course. This is a seminar-based training course, using tutor-led presentations, case studies and real world examples. The opportunity for group participation / discussion is throughout the day.

This course focuses on improving communication and business awareness skills for Geospatial professionals in such a fast-paced and competitive environment. Follow-up calls are provided to help embed learning outcomes.

360Geo Framework - The basis of our course is our 360Geo Framework which we use with clients. It takes more than technology alone to 'Geo-Enable' your data and organisation or business - this understanding is core to our business. We want to share this insight with you.

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