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Editorial Guidelines

GeoConnexion is the leading business-to-business magazine for everyone with an interest in geospatial information and technologies


  • Practical:  They offer readers something that can help them in their jobs, such as a technology, technique or service.
  • Geospatial:  They focus on geospatial technologies or applications.
  • Exclusive:  They have not been published elsewhere.


  • Analysis article:  These should be balanced analyses of specific technologies or issues, with a clear message or new thinking.
  • Case studies:  These are fair appraisals of real-life problems and issues and how they were solved.  Project need to be ongoing or completed in the past year, and in countries other than the UK.
  • Opinion pieces:  Controversial articles, calls for industry action, etc, are welcome.
  • Technologies pieces:  Articles looking at innovations in geospatial technologies.

GeoConnexion is vendor-independent and welcomes articles from everyone.  You do not have to pay or advertise with us to be included 

If you would like to submit an article or to speak to the editors CONTACT US