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Editorial Calendar


The Spring and Autumn editions provide companies with opportunities to showcase their products and services to our readers in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia. View Latest Showcase


  • GEO Business 2021, November, London
  • INTERGEO 2021, September, Hanover

An exclusive preview of trend-setting developments that will be showcased at this popular event, that exploits the latest geospatial technologies and applications, improving our understanding of the world around us. 

Exhibitors: contact GEO to find out how you can be included. Contact us


IssueTechnologyApplicationEditor's Choice
Jan/FebSurveying; GNSS; LiDAR; UAVs; Indoor Positioning; Location ServicesDefence; Military; Aerospace; Energy; Oil; Gas; Mining; Geology; Land Management; CadastresAustralia
March/April3D Visualisation; Virtual Reality; Augmented Reality; Internet of Things; Smart CitiesTransport; Unmanned Ground Vehicles; Telematics; Architecture; Construction; BIM; Utilities; TelecomsAsia
May/JuneSurveying; GNSS; LiDAR; UAVs; Indoor Positioning; Machine Learning/Al: Automation Environment; Agriculture; Forestry; Fishing; Marine; Oceanology; Bathymetry; Navigation; Government (Local, Regional & Central)South America
July/AugustRemote Sensing; Earth Observation; Mobile GIS; Handheld Devices; Apps; PhotogrammetryDefence; Military; Aerospace; Energy; Oil; Gas; Mining; Geology; Land Management; CadastresNorth America

Intergeo Preview

Autumn Edition
Surveying; GNSS; LiDAR; UAVs; Location Services; Remote Sensing; Earth Observation; Mobile GIS; Handheld DevicesEmergency Management; Emergency Services Disaster Management; Environment; Agriculture; Forestry; Government (Local, Regional & Central)Africa


IssueTechnologyApplicationEditor's Choice
Jan/FebLaser Scanners; 3D VisualisationEmergency Services; Defence & SecurityEducation & Training
March/AprilSatelite & Airborne Remote Sensing; Indoor NavigationLocal Government; Marine & OceanographicUK Smart City Developments
May/JuneTerrestrial Survey Instrumentation; PhotogrammetryCentral Government; Land & PropertyArchaeology & Heritage
July/AugustGNSS; TelematicsUtilities; EnvironmentalLand, Property & Urban Planning
Autumn Edition
Augmented/Virtual Reality; Mobile GIS; Unmanned Aerial Systems; Location Based ServicesTerrestrial; Highways; Construction; AgricultureArtificial Intelligence & Machine Learning; Internet of Things/Big Data