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Wanted: Would-Be Explorers

By [email protected] - 6th September 2006 - 14:24

A call for volunteers to undergo intensive and comprehensive Arctic training using Sir Ernest Shackletonâs advertisement of 1912 has been issued by seasoned explorer, Jim McNeill.Ice Warrior Expedition February â April 2008
Men and women wanted for hazardous journey, no small wages, self-funding, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success.Founder of the âIce Warriorâ Project â a non-profit organisation which trains complete novices, making them into experienced and accomplished polar travellers - Jim is looking for new volunteers to join the project for a âserious polar expeditionâ in the Arctic season of 2008; which will be Ice Warriorâs contribution to International Polar Year. Candidates can expect to face temperatures of minus fifty degrees Celsius, polar bears, frost bite and treacherous sea-ice conditions.The exact nature of the expedition will be announced at a later date but will be on a par with the other Ice Warrior expeditions.âAll Ice Warrior expeditions are worthwhile and purposeful adventure, what I call modern-day explorationâ says expedition leader, Jim McNeill.The process of selection involves putting candidates through numerous tasks in adverse conditions and seeing how they perform individually and as a team. âThe selection process is a very positive experience, allowing people to see themselves as they may not have done beforeâ Having been selected for the Ice Warrior Squad, candidates undergo extensive training including 9 technical training weekends in the UK, a week of ski and survival training in Scandinavia, 3 weeks comprehensive training in the Arctic itself followed by a weeks refresher in Norway. The final team selected to go on expedition will play a crucial role in collecting data on global climate change for NASA/NSIDC, Washington University and other parts of the scientific community. It is hoped that these results will be beamed near live into an Ice Station placed in a strategic place in the middle of London. One of Ice Warriorâs primary aims is to deliver the reality of global climate change to its audiences.In 2004 a team of six men and women novices, including a company director, an IT professional, a lifestyle coach and a behavioural science student successfully conquered the Geomagnetic North Pole in a 28 day Ice Warrior expedition covering 300 miles. This was the very first time women had reached this pole. This year Jimâs teams involving 17 novices were successful at reaching the Geomagnetic North Pole, only the 4th expedition to achieve this and the first in its current position.âIce Warrior demonstrates that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things given the right attitude and the right training and preparation,â says Jim. âThere will be a lot of pressure to succeed but that comes from within and from being part of the team. You donât have to be super fit either. I always point out that success is based on 70% mental work and 30% physical effort. One of the hardest things is the feeling of loneliness as days of trudging in fiercely cold conditions and tough terrain can play tricks on your mind.ââHaving said that, there are not many people who can say theyâve even been to the Arctic let alone been a part of a Great British expedition that pushes the boundaries in the traditional sense. This is really the chance of a lifetime and there are no restrictions in age (assuming they are adults), gender or occupation. What they do need is grit, determination, enthusiasm, the ability to work in a team and the will to succeed.âAbout The Ice Warrior ProjectHarking back to the golden era of polar exploration when there were no âpolar expertsâ to call upon, Ice Warrior expeditions are purposeful modern-day explorations involving educational, scientific, geographical and charitable aspects.Ice Warrior is a non profit organisation conceived in 2001 by Queenâs Fire Officer and seasoned Arctic explorer Jim McNeill, which reaches out to all echelons of society and all walks of life. It is wholly supported by corporate sponsorship. Anyone interested in applying for a place on the Ice warrior team should visit the website at for further information.

Author: Jim McNeill ([email protected])

Bio.: Ice Warrior

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