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TomTom Traffic Manifesto

By [email protected] - 1st October 2010 - 12:14

TomTom publishes its Traffic Manifesto at the end of September 2010, in a bid to reduce traffic congestion by making better use of the existing road network. The aim is to build a community of drivers who, by driving as a \'collective\', will cut journey times by up to 5% across the UK for all vehicles.
EXECUTIVE SUMMARYIndividuals using HD Traffic⢠enabled devices to detour around traffic congestion can typically reduce their average journey times by up to 15%.The collective effect of 10% of drivers using HD Traffic-enabled devices can reduce average journey times for all drivers by up to 5%.The reason for this is that the actions of the community of informed drivers load the road system more effectively with a benefit for all drivers. Informed users are not contributing to the congestion, because they take a detour which shortens the delay suffered by uninformed drivers who still travel on the congested roads.In addition, there are other ways of easing the traffic congestion burden for all:⢠Drivers using traffic information to time their trips⢠Non-connected devices using TomTom IQ Routes⢠(measured historical speed profiles)⢠Traffic authorities using traffic data to improve the road system.See EDITOR\'S CHOICE to download the full Manifesto and relevant material.

Author: TomTom

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TomTom Traffic Manifesto - Background

TomTom Traffic Manifesto

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